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Joyeux Equilibre Ltd is a company totally focused on the holistic approach to health and wellbeing Healing the mind body and soul as one.


We are here to give you the best in health and wellbeing advice, with lifestyle coaching, treatment plans combined with revolutionary healing treatments, to optimize your total being, allowing you to become one with yourself .


No matter what you want to achieve in life ultimately it has to start with you.

Joyeux Equilibre is here to help you.

We offer the ulitimate in realxation, healing and health benefitting treaments, allowing you to reverse many modern day illnesses the natural way, without any long term health impacts from prescription medication or even more devestating effects of long hospital or doctor waiting list.

Take control of your life with Holistic therapies which are natural organic solutions that cannot adversly impact on your wellbeing and overall health.


Did you know that reflexology can help your body heal itself by touching the right medrian points. All number of wonderful life changing things can happen. Anything from curing a headache instantly to getting rid of Joint pains studies by Bridge(2013). have shown that a session of reflexology once a week increase the chance of getting pregnant by 45% without the need of I.V.F this in itself is an indication that everyone could gain some beneifit by doing this at least once per month.

Massage is also recommended at least once per month to alleviate stress and strain. If aromatherapy oils are incorprated this becomes a complete body therapy as both the inside and the ouside will be affected in a great way to re balance and create complete Equilibre .


Having your treatment at home allows you to relax in your own environment, you feel more at ease and comfortable. For many clients ailments prevent them from attending salons or treatment clinics for these types of therapies, so taking the stress out of the equation allows me to come and provide the best in holistic therapies that you will ever experience in the comfort of you own home. As a rule after our inital contact we will fill out an in depth consultation, about your needs and requirements, this session this will allow me to put together the best form of ongoing lifestyle plan for you which will give you the best treatment outcome.


Todays lifestyle is rushed and hectic, which may leaves us feeling depleted, this can be because you are not getting the right nutrition or vitamins in your diet, with my expertiese I can help you in many ways to get the best out of your diet. Wether this is to lose a few pounds, help IBS, remove arthritic conditions and overflowing toxins in your system, I have many scientificlly backed solutions that will give your body the best nutrition you have ever experienced .


Becoming one with yourself can somtimes be a tall order , when Society says we should do This, social networking says you should do That.? Where do you go for the right solution ?

Generally it all can be cured by your bodies abilities to heal itself naturally, by getting to know yourself on a new holistic level.


I am here to help you as a Fully Qualified and insured Holistic & Beauty therapist,Wellness coach, Reiki master, Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist who will guide you.

Enabling You to be one with the Universe you live in.


Now is the time set yourself free and heal yourself holistically from the inside out, with the help of Joyeux Equilibre at home.

Please see price list below and Call now on 07507716177









Treatments & Services

  • Reiki Healing & Learn to Heal Yourself and others With Reiki 1,2,3.
  • Crystals & Chakra Realignment
  • Hypnotherapy & Past life Regression & Future life Progression.
  • Nutrition & Juice Cleanses
  • Holistic Consultation for all Health & Wellbeing issues
  • Massage, Hotstones & Aromatherapy .
  • Reflexology Hands, Face, Feet
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Waxing
  • Spray Tanning
  • Nail Extentions (Gel, Acrylic, Fiberglass)
  • Manicure & Pedicure (Luxury Heat treatments and Gel Polish).
  • Facials
  • Non surgical Faclifts and Facial Electrical Skin treament
  • Skin Care and Aromatherapy Bespoke Creams, Salts, Oils made especially for you and your Loved ones.

Price List

Special Offer Any 3 Treatments in 1 session that may last upto 75 minutes Just £35.00


Reiki £25

Chakra Balancing £20

Crystal Healing £20

Postive energy reinforcment £25

Negative energy removal £40

Angel / spirit guide protection £30


Have all the above treatments for £75 In one session may last upto 2hours.


Reiki Level 1 Allows you to heal yourself £120

Reiki Level 2 Allows you to heal others £200

Reiki Level 3 Allows you to teach others to be disscused


Massage Swedish £40

Massage Aromatherapy £50

Hot stone Massage £60

All the above massage therapies require a full consultaion and include a facial massage.

Facial £30

Therapies include

Cleanse, Massage,Tone,Exfoliation,Mask,Moisturisers.

This skin care range is bespokely designed using 100% natural organic products suited to your health and skin requirements this treatment may also include aromatherapy oils which aid your overall wellbeing.

Hopi Ear Candlling £20

Manicure and Pedicure including Gel Polish £35 (when booked togehter)

Manicure £16 normal polish included

Pedicure £16 normal polish included

Gel Polish Manicure £20

Gel Polish Pedicure £20


Luxury Pedicure and Manicure including parafin wax heat treatment (Amazing for arthritis)

and dry skin £30 when booked at the same time.

Luxury heat Pedicure £22

Luxury heat Manicure £22


Reflexology £35 Feet or Hands

Reflexology hand feet and face £40(Amazing results issues clear quicker with whole system stimulation.

Reflex individual points £20


Aromatherapy products are made to your requirments this includes a full consultaion

Bath Salts

Bath Oil blends

Body Oil blends

Face Creams

Anti ageing cream (like botox 100% natural contains active ingredients ( allergy test require)

Body Creams

Hand and Foot Creams

Body Scrubs

Pulse point oils

Face Masks

Hand and Foot Masks

Nail Oils

All made with 100% Organic natural products made fresh just for you the way u like it

you may also purchase the recipe sheet and all the ingredients and by just following my recipe you can make your own products which arrive in a joyeux equilibre gift box .

Contact me to discuss prices As together we have too create your blend requirements.

Prices vary due to organic natural ingredient bases and type of aromatherapy oils used .